A Day’s Work

scene 1: John arrives in his car... More around the movie you also find on our Facebook page. Taking over and great admiration of the super car: IMG_4861 IMG_4869   IMG_4894 IMG_4910 IMG_4915 IMG_4988 in the meantime behind the scene: IMG_4972 IMG_4982IMG_4887 and a star is made - our Rita Hayworth - great job done by Quirin the one with the Q-Factor IMG_4218IMG_5004 IMG_5022 IMG_5081 IMG_5054 IMG_5251 IMG_5314 IMG_5329 IMG_5383 IMG_5450IMG_5487 IMG_5546 meanwhile the crew takes care of the perfect look for the car: IMG_5145 IMG_5155  IMG_5239  IMG_5233 IMG_5422IMG_5172IMG_5175IMG_5224 IMG_5401  IMG_5927 IMG_5933IMG_5208 IMG_5239 And finally our diva can drive off - after "a day's work" IMG_5701 IMG_5704 IMG_5705 Jorge on his stand needs gaffa tape ;-) IMG_5583 IMG_5587 IMG_5597 IMG_5616 IMG_5623 IMG_5627 Many thanks to the Hotel Seedamm Plaza for the great support - a real welcome :-) IMG_5531 IMG_5532 IMG_5535 IMG_5551 IMG_5554 IMG_5561 Making of Fotos: Carolyn Pini