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Remo Pini
Facebook Icon2015/02/01 at 10:14

I just got an upcoming humorous book from a fellow script writer. If you want to help her, too, just preorder the Kindle edition (it's quite affordable), so that they will push for a paperback release :)

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Ich habe kürzlich gekauft: 'Brother Haters Anonymous (English Edition)' von Lynn Dickinson


Molly Maneuver had the perfect life – until her brother Zack was born, that is. At first, he was a small bother, hardly worth noticing. But then he grew. And as Zack got bigger, his pranks and habit of picking-on Molly got bigger and bigger too. Now, after two blissfully Zack-free years at Pearson Middle School, thirteen-year-old Molly is about to enter eighth grade. The only problem is, Zack is starting...